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Hi, I’m Scott. I help companies grow through simple, impactful product experiences.

Hi, I'm Scott. I help companies grow through simple, impactful product experiences.

Design is more than just pixels.

Real impact in design happens when we are determined to include, amplify, and respect diverse perspectives, building an empathetic and thriving creative culture.

All design is connected.

The most successful product design work embraces the design ecosystem as a whole, taking a holistic approach to creating seamless, well-aligned experiences.

The process should match the problem.

Calibrating for each unique challenge enhances agility in a fast-paced market, striking a powerful balance between efficiency and craftsmanship.

Leading the world’s most popular online reference tool into the edtech market

To expand their world-class content into new markets and diversify revenue, brought me on to lead design for education-focused subscription initiatives.

Building vocabulary acquisition

A dual role in product & design leadership

Removing ads for paid users

Launching the site’s most-requested feature


Accelerating growth through design & strategy

As the solo product designer at a unique 2-year accelerator program, I worked side-by-side with 30+ founders and teams to plan, design, and launch strong MVPs.

Improving commute

Making travel in Africa cheaper, faster, and easier

Fresh ingredients, fast

Same-day delivery from trusted local suppliers

For reluctant readers

Reigniting the love of reading

Never stop learning.

When I’m not in Figma, you’ll find me experimenting with AI, tinkering with my solarpunk writing playlist, or watching a six-hour video essay about something I’ve never heard of before.

Let’s chat!

Whether you have a design challenge, need some creative advice, or just want to share Seattle food recommendations, I’m here to listen.

Send me an email or find me on LinkedIn and let’s see what we can create together.